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〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 BELGRADE, April 30 -- At a ceremony hel〓d here on Thursday, Serbia awarded military memorial meda〓ls to the six-member Chinese medical expert team for thei〓r contribution to Serbia's fight against the COVID-19 pan〓demic. The Serbian army's mosf

t prestigious military award〓s were handed out to the doctorsQ

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ary officials and Chinese Ambas〓sador to Serbia Chen Bo. Thanking the experts for their g〓uidance, advice and suggestions, Vulin recalled that the 〓presence of the Chinese doctors helped the authorities in〓 Serbia overcome fear even in the darkest mo3

ments of the 〓pandemic. "When other great powers were fighting over eve〓ry package of masks and gloves and shattered any sense of〓 humanity and forgot about old alliances and solidarity, 〓when they were grabbing each other's ventilators and medi〓cine, closed borders towards their closest neighbors and 〓refused to help anyone -- the People's Republic of China 〓rushed to help its friend, Serbia," Vulin said. Hardships〓 reveal the true nature of all peoples, countries and pol〓iticians who lead them, he said. "Serbia and China showed〓 courage and solidarity." Vulin said that the "steel frie〓ndshipU

" between China and Serbia has been tested once aga〓in in theO

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〓nd three more experts to Serbia.We are all expecting a COVID-19 vaccine that could possi◆bly8

end the pandemic that has killed more than 330,0004

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umans, and the results h◆ave been put online for everyone to examine. The Lancet◆, a respected medical journal in the UK, published the ◆results on Friday saying it6